About Us

Discover Anhyle, where fashion meets performance in athletic sports shoes. Our brand seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering footwear that elevates your look while enhancing your athletic performance.

The Inspiration Behind Anhyle's Three Unique Variants

Bleed Blue:

If you’ve ever felt your heart race with every swing of the bat and every cheer from the stands, you’ll understand the fervor behind Bleed Blue. Amit, our co-founder, and a die-hard cricket fan, channels his undying love for the game and his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, into this design. The blue shades mirror the iconic jerseys of the Indian cricket team and reflect the cool, calm precision of a well-aimed shot. While the tangerine orange symbolizes the fiery passion and zest of every cricket fan. These colors tell a story of dedication, glory, and the unyielding spirit of the game. With Bleed Blue, every step feels like a stride towards victory.

Rebel Black:

For those who march to the beat of their own drum, Rebel Black is your anthem. Inspired by the edgy and electrifying music of the band Fossils, this variant is Soumyadeep’s brainchild. A die-hard Fossils fan, Soumya wanted to capture the rebellious essence of their music in a shoe. The stark contrast of black and white mirrors the intense highs and lows of a powerful riff, while fiery red adds a touch of the band’s raw, unfiltered energy. Rebel Black isn't just a pair of shoes; it’s a declaration of individuality and a nod to those who dare to stand out.

Street White:

Picture this: the bustling streets of Mumbai, where life moves at a pace that can leave anyone breathless. Amidst the vibrant chaos, Christian, our co-founder, found his muse. As he wandered through the energetic city, he couldn't help but be captivated by the dynamic blend of colors around him. The lucent white of the streetlights illuminating the night, the grout grey of the concrete jungle, and the pop of safety yellow from the bustling traffic. This eclectic mix became the essence of Street White, a tribute to Mumbai’s relentless spirit and pulsating energy. With these shoes, you're not just walking the streets; you're embodying their very soul.